Saturday, October 30, 2010

Collection of Items from Dr. Albigence Waldo, Connecticut
Surgeon During the American Revolution

Dr Albigence Waldo (1750-1794), served as clerk in the "Lexington Alarm" and was commissioned surgeon's mate of the Eighth Connecticut Regiment.  The Connecticut Committee of War commissioned him chief surgeon of the ship "Oliver Cromwell" and he was also commissioned surgeon of the First Connecticut Infantry Regiment of the Line.  He was at Valley Forge, Germantown, Lexington and Concord, Cambridge and Roxbury. 

Items in this exceptional collection:
  • Toile coverlet:  Three vertical toile panels with one horizontal seam printed with "Apotheosis of Franklin and Washington", c. 1785-90 (97 1/2 by 87 inches) copper plate block printed, six complete pattern repeats, eighteen block placements.  
  • Linen bed sheet:  Owned by Dr Albigence Waldo and wife, Lydia, used at Valley Forge "L. Waldo" inscribed in ink c. 1777, 65 by 85 inches
  • Letters:  Sections of a letter written by Dr Albigence Waldo, 29 letters and notes by Dr Albigence Waldo, copied by family members in the early to mid nineteenth century
This collection was deaccessioned from the Southern Oregon Historical Society because it did not adhere to their current collections policy of objects relating to or representative of Jackson County and Southern Oregon.  Each item has the SOHS's acquisition numbers and is documented in the contract between the SOHS and the donor (Mrs Berte P Thurston, great - great granddaughter of Dr. Albigence Waldo).

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